Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

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Form 4 Home Economics Presentation!

he presentation (1)

Our Form 4 Home Economics students had the opportunity to cook Chicken and Vegetable Pasta bake using different methods of cooking such as baking, grilling, boiling, stir frying and simmering. After doing an in-depth research on these types of cooking methods they had the opportunity to present their work to the whole class.     … (read more)

Form 3 Home Economics Activity!

form 3 cooking activity (1)

Here are some of our form 3 students while they were cooking in a Home Economics activity, which is a part of their O’Level coursework!         

‘Gifted and Talented’ Maths Activity!


Three of our Form 4 students had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Gifted and Talented Sessions’ being held in Malta. During the first session held on 24th October the students were given a brief outlook on the history of secret codes. They were able to work in groups together with students coming from… (read more)

Maths Skills Lessons!

maths skills lesson (3)

During the maths skills lessons, students are given the opportunity to engage themselves in discovery learning. The students can be seen during a hands-on activity where they are using a piece of string and a ruler to measure the circumference and diameter of circular objects. The aim of this activity is to discover an approximate… (read more)