Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

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Using the Microscope for the First Time!

using the microspcope (5)

Form 1 science students had the opportunity to use a microscope in order to look at onion cells. For most of them, it was the first time preparing and using this apparatus therefore they experienced for the first time how science works in the lab.  

Our Italian Students went Venetian…!

italian open evening (1)

Have a look at our Italian students’ creativity! During the Open Evening on 21st January, 2015 they amazed the audience with their originality. They created Venetian Masks and a Gondola. It was very interesting seeing them work together, as they filled the class with beautiful colours!

Open Evening at Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School!

open evening (29)

An open evening was held on school premises on Wednesday 21st January to give prospective students and their parents an idea of what the learning environment is like at the school. It also served as an opportunity for year 6 students to meet the teaching staff who were there to explain how they teach their… (read more)

Biology Presentation!

biology presentation (1)

Form 3 Biology students were assigned a task where in a group they had to do some research on a particular vertebrate group and create a power point presentation which was to be presented to their class mates. Apart from creating enthusiasm in the topic, this learning activity was also carried out in order to… (read more)

Ggantija Art Workshop!

ggantija workshop (2)

As part of the Art Course Curriculum, the Art Department has recently organised two workshops at Ggantija Temples & Interpretation Centre in Xaghra.  This workshop is one of a series of on-site lessons which are carried out during the three year course.  Form 4 and Form 5 students had the opportunity to experience art and… (read more)