Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

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Biology Fieldwork!

biology fieldwork 2015 (5)

The Form 3 Biology students carried out a rocky seashore fieldwork on Wednesday 20th May in Xwejni bay Marsalforn. Students carried out fieldwork activities and learned how to use quadrats and line transects. They also observed the flora and fauna in the various rock pools and had the opportunity to work in groups. This fieldwork… (read more)

Mdina Activity!

mdina activity 2015 (7)

On the 19th of May, our form 1 and form 2 students went to Mdina for a Cultural Visit. During this visit the students did Geography, Social Studies, History and Maths lessons. The aim of this activity was to make learning fun as well as helping the students understand the topics more by being on… (read more)

Design and Technology Workshop!

design and technology workshop (3)

The Institute of Art and Design organised a workshop for the Art and Design & Technology students at MCAST Art & Design in Malta on Thursday 7th of May 2015. Students participated in various workshops regarding Fine Arts, Ceramics and Textile  

Europe Day!

europe day (2)

On Tuesday 5th May Form 4 French students participated in an activity at Villa Rundle Gardens. ‘Languages – a road to opportunities’ was the theme chosen for the celebration of Europe Day. Elaine Haber sang “Je veux” by French artist Zaz while Sarah Ann Curmi, Leah Camilleri De Bono, Celine Ann Grech, Kristina Marie Curmi,… (read more)

Career Trails!

carrer traiils (4)

Form 3 students were taken on different trails where they were exposed to different industries in Gozo. During this motivating job shadowing for a day our students were exposed to career development, and leadership development intervention. They had the opportunity to meet different employees who had different jobs at hand, had a lot to teach… (read more)

PSCD Activity!

pscd talent show (5)

During PSCD lessons our form 2 students present their talents. This was done to help them develop the skill of public speaking, self-confidence and to accept different people.

Maths Venture!

maths venture imdina (1)

This week, two girls from form 3 participated in a Maths Venture in Mdina, together with students from 24 other schools. Various fun activities were organised in the historic surroundings. The activities involved use of mathematics to solve problems, as well as discovery of mathematical shapes in their surroundings. The girls enjoyed themselves and it is hoped that there… (read more)

Nindukraw L-Identita Tal-Mara!

identita tal mara (3)

F’messaġġ li għamel lill-istudenti li jattendu fl-ewwel klassi tal-Iskola Sekondarja tal-Konservatorju tal-Isqof f’Għawdex, l-Isqof Mario Grech appella biex il-mara ma tippermetti lil ħadd jisirqilha l-identità femminili tagħha.   Huwa fatt li qegħdin ngħixu f’kultura maskilista li qed tikkundizzjona l-moħħ u l-qalb tal-mara.  Fil-fatt, ħafna drabi l-mara, xi drabi anki inkonxjament, issib ruħha taħseb u taġixxi… (read more)

Malta National Aquarium Competition

aquarium (2)

Form 1 students, 19 in total; have participated in the Easter Marine Development competition organized by the Malta National Aquarium. The students worked either individually or in a group by submitting a project on the development of a specific marine organism. The task enabled the students to carry out research on the subject and express… (read more)

English Name Cloud Activity!

english name cloud activity (4)

Who says learning about adjectives should be boring? The form 1  English students created a name cloud whereby each letter would stand for an adjective which would describe them.    

English Treasure Hunt!

english treasure hunt! (7)

After discussing prepositions of place and learning all about giving directions, the form 1 English students embarked on an enjoyable yet educational treasure hunt written by the students themselves. Each group found a treasure in the end!  

Arrivederci Roma!

trip to italy (23)

As they say, ‘All good things come to an end!’ and so happened with our beautiful trip to Italy during the Easter Holidays. Indeed, it was a fantastic experience. A heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who surely made this beautiful journey  an unforgettable experience. 24 students, together with Ms Maureen, Ms Maria and Ms Annaliz… (read more)

Sports Day!

sportsday 2015 (27)

Our school organised a Sports day where our students got the opportunity to spend a day playing various games such as basketball, football and other fun games. Both students and the staff has a great time!

World Book Day!

world book day

Martha Saliba, a Form 1 student presenting Ms Christine a book she wished to donate to the school on the occasion of World Book Day.  

Visit from Hospice Malta!

hospice (19)

On the 25th of March, representatives from Hospice Malta came to our school. They delivered a talk to all our students and staff where they explained the work they do. They talked about how they care for their patients and their families and they made all those present aware of the services they offer.