Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

Bishops Conservatory Secondary School

Love to Learn & Learn to Love

Celebrating Mass Together!

massbeforeparty2014 (4)

Pictures of our school celebrating mass together before heading to Cornucopia Hotel for the students’ party.

Students’ Party!


Today our school organised a party for our students….we all had a blast! Check out the pictures!

Plant Structure Activity!

plant structure (1)

Another hands-on activity was done with Form 1 students. They had to build a plant cell from play dough and also label the parts. They had fun doing this activity and at the same time they learned more about the plant’s structure.  

School Musical Rehersals!


Preparations for our annual Christmas Concert are continuing, and students and staff are working very hard to maintain the standards set in previous years. We expect this year’s concert to be a fantastic experience for all. Come and enjoy it with us…..2 days to go!